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 Ayrshire’s War

This is one of the regional sections on the Scotland’s War website. The project was designed with the intent of giving Scottish communities and individuals the opportunity to create a lasting accessible archive for use by this and future generations. Through the use of local archives, documents, photographs, letters and literature each authority or community will have the chance to tell their own stories of life on the home and fighting fronts. We also welcome individual contributions from members of the community.

Ultimately, through collective community contribution and engagement, a picture will be built of Scotland’s contribution to the First World War. The information gathered will not only be about those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the fighting fronts on land, sea and air, but also those at home. Our social history during this traumatic period of warfare will recorded. For example, how commerce fared with employees enlisting; the role played by women on the home and fighting fronts; casualty care and, rehabilitation; wartime news and propaganda; and how our communities remembered and continue to remember. This can only be achieved by collective effort.

World War I changed our communities and our country, therefore, it is fitting that we try to record and understand the personal, political, economic and social consequences of our involvement in five years of warfare. If you have anything at all related to the period of the First World War, or stories of the lead up to the outbreak of the war, and the aftermath of the conflict, please contact us.


Every effort has been made to acquire permission to use all images and other material. However, if you consider that your copyright has been infringed, please contact us with details.


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