Of the many visitors that came to, or passed through the city of Edinburgh in the war years of 1914-1918, one particular ethnic and cultural group stood out.

They were 150 men from the indigenous Six Nations Reservation, South Ontario, Canada. At the outbreak of the war, the men volunteered to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The Scotsman, reporting on the delegations visit to the city, wrote,  

From the highest roof of Edinburgh Castle four Indian Chiefs, head feathers streaming in the east wind, their bead covered garments of yellow, red and blue withstanding the rain laden blast, looked round on the Scottish capital and its environs. Probably no stranger or more picturesque figures stood on the Castle summit…They and their comrades were cordially hailed by the residents of the Scottish capital wherever they appeared, as fellow citizens of the Empire.

One of the native chiefs was Clear Sky who was familiar with Scotland, having studied Scottish History.

According to Mike Mountain Horse, a veteran of the Western Front:

The War proved that the fighting spirit of my tribe was not squelched through reservation life. When duty called, we were there, and when we were called forth to fight for the cause of civilisation, our people showed all the bravery of our old warriors.

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Chief Clear Sky.

 Chief Clear Sky and Canadian First Nations' Soldiers


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