There were eight official auxiliary hospitals in Fife. Auxiliary hospitals were attached to the central military hospitals.

  - Dunfermline Auxiliary Hospital, Dunfermline

  - Leven Auxiliary Hospital, Leven

  - Castlecliff Auxiliary Hospital, St Andrews

  - Ceres Auxiliary Hospital, Ceres

  - Edenfield Auxiliary Hospital, Springfield

  - Elie Auxiliary Hospital, Elie

  - Wemyss Castle Auxiliary Hospital, Wemyss

  - Kinghorn Auxiliary Hospital, Kinghorn

Several women from north east Fife served in the Dundee hospitals just across the river - Training College Auxiliary Hospital, Caird Rest Auxiliary Hospital, Lochee Auxiliary Hospital and The Lodge Auxiliary Hospital.

The patients remained under military control but were generally less seriously wounded or they needed to convalesce. The servicemen preferred the auxiliary hospitals to military hospitals because they were not so strict, they were less crowded and the surroundings were more homely.

Mrs Outhwaite of Elie adapted her home at Craigforth as a convalescent hospital for wounded soldiers. She had the assistance of Miss Scott-Moncrieff and a staff of nurses. Mrs Outhwaite’s services were recognised by the Secretary of War in 1918.

There were other less official units. Mrs Jessie Dickinson of Tayport set up a 25 bed unit in the school in Tayport in 1914 before officialdom put its plans into action. She also spent time in France at the end of the war, being awarded a Red Cross Medal for her contributions.  

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  War Hospitals

    - Craigforth Convalescent

    - Dunfermline Hospital

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