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Early in the war the Cameronians were involved in the first battle of the Marne in France which consisted of French and British troops fighting against the Germany army from 5 to 12 September 1914, resulting in a victory for the Allies. Combined casualties were in the range of half a million. This battle took place to halt the German advance to the Marne River in their efforts to seize Paris and the Allied victory was seen as an early turning point in the conflict.

The French Government had recently moved to Bordeaux due to strong German territorial gains, but the significance of the Germans taking Paris was disheartening for the Allies.

There were also stories emerging of German troops committing atrocities such as killing 26 French soldiers who were being treated in a hospital.

Initial reports of the Germans holding 250,000 POWs were challenged by the Allies, who said they only held 50,000 men.

For those soldiers with a sweet tooth, Trinidad and Tobago donated £40,000 worth of raw cocoa for the troops in a show of loyalty and solidarity.

A year later the Cameronians were involved in the Battle of Loos.

 Fighting Front

The Cameronians.

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