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   - Fettes College

   - James Gillespie's School

   - George Heriot's School

   - St George's School for Girls

   - George Watson's College

  Seaforths' Club


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   - American Hut

   - Veterans' Housing

  West Calder

  Zeppelin raid over Edinburgh

The impact of the war on the Home Front has been overshadowed by the consequences of the tragedies and triumphs that took place on the Fighting Fronts.

The four and a half years of warfare brought about social, political and economic changes that impacted heavily upon the life of the country and, in influence, extended well beyond the war years.

The Home Front was neither inseparable from nor indispensable to the winning of the war. With incredible generosity of time, spirit and funds, men, women and children from all backgrounds and beliefs, supported the needs of the fighting forces and those who became the casualties of war.

Kitchens were opened to provide affordable, nutritious meals for war workers and poorer people.

 Home Front

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One of the national kitchens that were opened.

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