The Muchalls Peace sign was dedicated in August 1919 to commemorate Peace Day which was held on July 19, 1919.

Peace Day was a controversial day of celebrations planned by the government following the signing of a peace treaty between the Allies and Germany on 28 June 1919.

National events were held including a Victory Parade in London as well as local events organised at locations across the country.

According to a local newspaper Muchalls celebrated Peace Day with the raising of flags and Mr Wyllie of the Muchalls Hotel invited residents to attend a concert with a small orchestra in the hall.

The Peace sign is in the form of a mosaic/mural shield, 20 feet long and 26 feet wide, with the words “Peace” and “1919” and a Crown emblazoned on it. The shield was made from cement while the letters and crown were made with brown and other colours of tesserae in a mosaic style.

The sign is located on a railway embankment, close to the old railway station at Muchalls, which is located in the parish of Fetteresso in the County of Kincardineshire.

It would at the time have been close to the heart of the village indicating its importance to local residents.

The sign, though worn and requiring restoration, is still clearly visible to passing trains.

Muchalls Peace Sign.

 Muchalls Peace Sign

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