On 22 November 1919, the Campbeltown Courier reported:


Campbeltown Pony's Remarkable War Record

Mr John Gemmell, Muneroy, Argyll Street, Campbeltown, had delivered to him this week his pony mare which was commandeered for the Argyll Mountain Battery when mobilization took place here in the beginning of August 1914.

This pony has had a remarkable career with the Army.

It went through training in Bedford, and in the spring of 1916 proceeded with the Battery to Egypt.

From there it was sent to Gallipoli, where it went through unscathed all the vicissitudes and terrible privations experienced in the campaign on "the peninsula" which proved so disastrous to man and animal. The pony was got away successfully in the retreat from Suvla Bay, and returned to Egypt.

Next it was sent to Salonica, where it followed the fortunes of the Battery up till the Armistice was agreed.

Afterwards it visited Constantinople, and from there was returned to England, where it has been in quarantine till now.

It is understood that only this pony and another of all the horses that left with the Mountain Battery are known to be alive.

The pony is as sound and fresh to-day as on the day it left Campbeltown.

It was bred by James Boyd of Carskiey, from whom John Gemmell purchased it.

A Highland pony mare.

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