Alexander Sim was a prosperous Tailor and Clothier with a shop on Lothian Road, Edinburgh, and property in Braemar.

He was one of a group of professional people in Edinburgh who noted the plight of wounded Veterans returning from the front who had little or no prospects of suitable accommodation or employment ahead of them. They founded the Scottish Veterans Garden City Association during the 1st World War and, under the chairmanship of Lord Salvesen, paid for the construction of houses for the use of returning servicemen.

Alexander Sim was offered, but refused, a knighthood.

He was married to Isabella Sim and they had two sons, Alastair and William, and two daughters, Catherine and Johanna.

Alastair rose to prominence as an actor and is particularly remembered for his roles in British films. In 1948, he was the first actor to become Rector of the University of Edinburgh.

By the end of 1914, and the Great War not having been 'over by Christmas' as the optimists had predicted, the first severely wounded soldiers were being discharged back into civilian life and beginning to appear on the streets of Britain.

Early in 1915, Alexander Sim and his group of enlightened Scottish professional and business men met in Edinburgh to see what they could do to help disabled Veterans.

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Scottish Veterans' Garden City Association.

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Alexander Sim.

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Veterans’ housing at Earl Haig Gardens, Edinburgh.

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