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Fighting Front

  7th Battalion A&S Highlanders

  Stirling Castle

 Stirlingshire’s War

By the third week the War, Stirlingshire newspapers were reporting that a good deal of what was happening on the Continent was enshrouded in mystery. They felt that they had acted with discretion in the intelligence being reported, but they were frustrated by the strict censorship. The opinion had been expressed that the authorities were too severe in the matter.

Now and then there was a brief message about an event that happened on land or sea, and that was all.

There were reports from unofficial sources that an important engagement had begun at Liege, extending into Luxemburg. The Germans were said to be shelling the Belgian forts incessantly, and the forts were replying effectively. It was also reported that the Germans were endeavouring to advance all along the huge battle line, and that the German staff were prepared lose 100,000 men in the attempt to roll back the Allies.

The first group of wounded from the front had arrived at Folkestone. They numbered about 30 all told, and included officers, non-commissioned officers, and men belonging to different corps. Motor cars were waiting at the harbour. A great crowd cheered as each car drove off to Shorncliffe Hospital. Hats and handkerchiefs were waved, and the men appeared greatly gratified at their reception.

After imposing a war levy of eight million pounds on the city of Brussels, and two millions on Liege, the Germans had turned south, and appeared to be endeavouring to force their way into France with three great Armies.

It was officially reported that the Serbians had inflicted a great defeat upon Austria with thousands of casualties on both sides. Japan had driven the German forces from Kiau-Chau, their naval station and port on the Chinese coast. Several trading vessels had been sunk by mines the Germans had laid in neutral waters. Two Austrian battleships were reported to have been sunk by the French Fleet.

 Fighting Front

Shorncliffe Military Hospital.

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